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Sub-Rent Wait List

The Moorage Rules and Regulations allow a moorage lessee to offer their slip for sub-rent from time to time. Moorage lessees can make their slip available for sub-rent on-line or by contacting the Rear Commodore. Members wishing to sub-rent a Club slip can register their name on the sub-rent wait list for future assignment as slips become available.

We are replacing the sublet system.  When the system is complete we will activate the links below.

Members Who Want to Sub Rent a Slip from a Moorage Holder

MBYC Life, Regular and Intermediate members, who by their participation in club activities during the past twelve months are considered to be “active”, are eligible to sub rent slips in Club moorage at such time as slips become available. The highest availability of slips for sub rental occurs during the summer months, but occasionally slips become available at other times of the year.

Any member meeting the above criteria who wishes to sub rent a slip can register his/her name, length and type of boat, and desired sub-rent dates. You may provide the necessary information by email to the Rear Commodore or you can use the online Sub Rental Signup to enter your name onto the Sub Rental Wait List. Once waitlisted, you can monitor your position on the list by going to the Sub Rental Wait List.

Sub-rentals are assigned by the Rear Commodore from the Sub Rental Wait List with priority given to members without a permanent moorage assignment. All sub-rentals MUST be approved in advance by the Rear Commodore. Proof of liability insurance and a signed Sub Rental Agreement are required prior to moving a boat into a slip.

Moorage Holders Who Want to Make Their Slip Available for Sub-rental

Any moorage lease holder desiring to sub rent out their slip as allowed in the Moorage Rules and Regulations can register on-line their name, slip number and availability dates, or you may forward the necessary information by email to the Rear Commodore. A sublease candidate will be assigned by the Rear Commodore from the Sub Rental Wait List based on candidate's seniority. Contact the Rear Commodore with any questions.

Monitoring Sublet Wait List, Sublet Availability List, and Sublet Assignments

The various lists associated with sub rentals are available for viewing. Those waiting to obtain a sub rental are shown on the Sub Rental Wait List. Moorage lessees that have made their slip available along with any sub rental assignments that have been made are shown on the Sub Rental Assignment List.