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The Facilities

Meydenbauer Bay Yacht Club is a member participating Yacht Club that regards Club social functions as a very important part of its activities. Because of the Club's active social calendar, the following will apply with regards to Club Rental:

Members for their use, for functions including their immediate family, which includes children, grandchildren, parents, or grandparents, may rent the Club. Under no circumstances will the member rent the Club for organizations, or other clubs they belong to, or sponsor activities that are not immediate family. The Club shall not be rented out to any organization that is not approved by the Board of Trustees.

Club members must coordinate with the Club Chef with reference to set up, clean up and catering arrangements. If the event is catered and liquor is to be served, you must hire a licensed bartender through the Club Chef.. Club Rental will be requested/reserved through the Club Chef and approved by the Commodore. In no event will the Club Rental take precedence or interfere with Club functions, which have priority.

Club rental fee is due upon approval of date by the Commodore.

The Club may be rented as follows:

The Club may be rented as follows:
Entire Club $1,000.00
Upper Floor Only $500.00
Upper Floor Only Small Party (less than 30 attendees)  $250.00
Lower Floor Only $875.00

The Board of Trustees established these rental rates in 11/08/19

Download the Rental Agreement from the Forms Directory.

The MBYC Clubhouse has a large dance floor as well as a generous area for the band.
  The outdoor deck is a great gathering place to view Meydenbauer Bay and the sunset..

A great setting for your affair.