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MBYC extends reciprocal privileges to area yacht clubs who also offer the use of their club facilities to our cruising members.  Below is the current list of clubs with reciprocal agreements with MBYC.  Please always fly your MBYC burgee and present your membership card upon sign in.  

Note our Blackout Dates; Opening Day (first Saturday in May). Change of Watch (first Saturday in June). SeaFair Holiday Cruise (1st Friday and Saturday in December).

Guest Moorage Rules

Authorized reciprocal visitors are urged to call the MBYC office at 425-454-8880 prior to arrival. Questions regarding reciprocity may be directed to John Macfarlane, MBYC Reciprocal Chairman at or 425-214-2616.

MBYC Reciprocal Moorage Policies as amended by the Board of Trustees 04/09/10

  1. In recognition of the desirability of making dock space available to the many MBYC members who do not have MBYC dock moorage assigned and to encourage their use of MBYC docks and club facilities on special occasions, the Board of Trustees has approved the following dates and periods during which visitors from reciprocal clubs may not expect to exercise reciprocal privileges and should not so plan. These closure dates will become effective as of June 2010. Questions regarding available reciprocal space should be directed to the Club Manager, Dock Chairman, or Reciprocal Chairman prior to the visit. The dates and events during which reciprocal visits are restricted are: Opening Day (1st weekend, May) Memorial Day Weekend (May) 4th of July weekend (July) SeaFair week, Blue Angel practice, air show/hydroplane races (August) Labor Day weekend (September) November 1- March 15th (Questions regarding available reciprocal space should be directed to the Club Manager, Dock Chairman, or Reciprocal Chairman prior to the visit to assure availability of dock space).
  2. Reciprocal moorage is complimentary, with a limit of 2 days per visit and 2 days monthly. There will be a $3.00 per night charge for electric power. 30A electrical power and water is available. Club membership cards are required and club burgees are to be flown.
  3. Reciprocal moorage is limited to the outer end of Dock 2. Rafting is permitted and encouraged.
  4. All guests must register at the Clubhouse upon arrival and complete a Guest Moorage Registration Card. (Registration packets are also available at the head of Dock 2 when the office is closed, Monday and Tuesday). Retain and display the large portion of the registration card aboard your vessel so that it may be seen from the dock. The small portion of the registration card shall remain with the Club Manager. The office telephone is 425-454-8880.
  5. Guest boats must be occupied overnight. Do not leave water hoses connected to your vessel when absent.
  6. Please cooperate in keeping dock gates closed at all times. No parking in loading areas in front of dock gates.
  7. All pets on the club grounds, docks and floats must be carried or on a leash. Owners are responsible for immediate clean up. The pet relief area is marked at the northwest end of the lower parking lot, between the Dock 3 entrance and the dumpster.
  8. Fishing or swimming from Club docks is prohibited.
  9. Open fires, charcoal or gas barbecues/grills are prohibited. Visitors are encouraged to use the Club BBQ facility on the terrace below the office.
  10. Do not exceed 2 knots speed (idle) within 100 yards of the Club docks. Observe posted city speed buoys and marks in Meydenbauer Bay.
  11. Do not discharge heads or bilges in the club moorage. Use the restroom facilities at the head of Dock 3. Dispose of all garbage, litter, bottles and cans in the containers in the parking area.
  12. Meydenbauer Bay Yacht Club reserves the right to reassign moorage and move visiting vessels when necessary.
Enjoy your visit!
The Board of Trustees, Meydenbauer Bay Yacht Club